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AC Coupled Battery

Revolutionise Your Energy Storage

Solar batteries have become a cornerstone in the renewable energy sector. As more households and businesses adopt solar energy solutions, the demand for efficient and long-lasting solar batteries has skyrocketed. If you are looking to retrofit your existing solar installation and gain energy independence an AC Coupled Battery system might be the perfect solution for you. This innovative technology allows you to store excess solar power and use it when you need it most, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your electricity bills.

What is an AC Coupled Battery?

An AC Coupled Battery is a storage system that connects to your home’s electrical network on the alternating current (AC) side. It works seamlessly with your existing solar setup, storing surplus energy during high-generation periods and releasing it when needed.

Key features of AC Coupled Battery systems:

  • Easy integration with existing solar installations
  • Flexible and scalable energy storage
  • Efficient power conversion and management
  • Compatibility with various inverter brands

AC Coupled vs DC Coupled Battery

AC coupled batteries or simply ‘AC batteries’, are a relatively new evolution within the world of grid connected home storage. AC batteries consist of a lithium battery module, a battery management system (BMS) and inverter/charger all in one compact, simple unit. This makes them easy to install in most homes, especially when it comes down to upgrading battery storage systems.

DC coupled or AC coupled

Benefits of AC Coupled Battery Systems

  • Energy Independence: With an AC Coupled Battery, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and ensure a stable power supply even during outages. This increased energy independence gives you peace of mind and protection against rising electricity costs.
  • Maximise Solar Energy Usage: By storing excess solar energy, you can use your own clean power even when the sun isn’t shining. This maximises the efficiency of your solar panel system and reduces waste.
  • Lower Electricity Bills: AC Coupled Batteries allow you to use stored energy during peak hours when electricity rates are highest, significantly reducing your energy costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: By utilising more of your solar-generated electricity, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Increase Property Value: Installing an AC Coupled Battery system can boost your property’s resale value, making it an attractive investment for the future.

How AC Coupled Battery Systems Work

  • Solar panels generate DC electricity: Your solar panels capture sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity.
  • A solar inverter converts DC to AC for home use: The DC electricity is then sent to a solar inverter, which converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used by your home appliances.
  • Excess AC power is sent to the battery inverter: When your solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs, the excess AC power is directed to the battery inverter.
  • The battery inverter converts AC back to DC for storage: The battery inverter converts the excess AC power back into DC electricity and stores it in the battery.
  • When needed, stored DC power is converted back to AC for use: During periods of low solar generation or high energy demand, the stored DC power is converted back into AC electricity by the battery inverter and supplied to your home.

This efficient process ensures that you’re making the most of your solar energy generation while maintaining a reliable power supply. By capturing and storing excess energy, you can use it during peak demand times, at night, or during power outages. This not only enhances the efficiency of your solar system but also provides a consistent and dependable energy source. Additionally, the ability to store and manage energy effectively means you can avoid the pitfalls of energy wastage and make the most of every kilowatt-hour your solar panels produce.

Choosing the Right AC Coupled Battery System

When selecting an AC Coupled Battery system, consider the following factors:

  • Your energy consumption patterns
  • The size of your solar panel system
  • Available space for battery installation
  • Budget and long-term savings goals

Our team of experts can help you determine the ideal AC Coupled Battery solution for your specific needs.

Take the Next Step Towards Energy Independence

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimise your energy usage and reduce your electricity costs. Contact us today for a free quote and discover how an AC Coupled Battery system can transform your home’s energy management.Ready to revolutionise your energy storage? Get in touch with our experts now!

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