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Complaints Procedure


To define the procedure of allowing the customer to make a complaint and ensure timely resolution of complaint.


  1. With the paperwork handed over to the customer upon completion of work and commissioning of the installation will be a complaint form.
  2. Should the customer have a complaint to make, it should be made in writing using this form.
  3. The complaint will be acknowledged by Boxergy within 3 working days.
  4. Where a complaint involves alleged non-adherence to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code by a Boxergy member of staff or sub-contractor, an internal investigation will take place immediately. Should the internal investigation find that the code has not been adhered to, every effort will be made to rectify the situation, including but not limited to, a full refund of the proposed installation.
  5. Where a complaint concerns the standard of the installation, it will be investigated at a time agreed with the customer. If upon inspection, the installation or the equipment used is found to be defective or unsatisfactory in any way, it will be remedied as a matter of priority or a refund will be given.
  6. Where a complaint concerns the conduct of a member of staff of Boxergy or one of Boxergy’s sub-contractors, disciplinary measures will be enforced. In the case of the complaint being against the conduct of a sub-contractor and his or her conduct is found to have been unacceptable, Boxergy will terminate the sub-contractor’s agreement. Where complaint is against a Boxergy member of staff, disciplinary action will be decided on a case by case basis and will be proportional to the seriousness of the complaint, but may involve the dismissal of a guilty party.
  7. The customer will be informed of the disciplinary action and, if necessary, receive an apology from Boxergy.
  8. In the event of non-resolution, the matter will be referred to RECC to arbitrate between Boxergy and the customer.

Response times

Where a complaint involves a problem which has seriously compromised the customer’s services, e.g. electricity or heating, the complaint will be responded to as a matter of urgency and dealt with in no more than 24 hours.

Where a complaint concerns a problem which could compromise the health and safety of the customer or the public, the complaint will be responded to as a matter of urgency and dealt with in no more than 24 hours.

All other complaints will be responded to within 14 working days.


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