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Over the past six years, Boxergy has emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the green energy sector. From its humble beginnings in 2017 with a mission rooted in affordability and sustainability, to its rapid expansion and pioneering projects by 2023, the company’s journey is a testament to its dedication to renewable energy. Boxergy has been awarded the prestigious Scottish EDGE R13 Award. This recognition highlights our team’s dedication and innovation, and we couldn’t be prouder. We are TrustMark registered for solar panels, air source heat pump and battery. Our scheme provider is Napit. View our TrustMark Customer Charter, click here.

Our History

The beginning

Since its foundation in 2017 by an ambitious trio, a pioneering renewable energy startup has been making waves in the cleantech industry. The company’s steadfast mission is not just a lofty dream – they aim to make renewable energy affordable for every household while slashing carbon emissions from home heating across the nation.

In a testament to their innovative approach and commitment, the startup recently clinched a coveted spot among the top five companies in the EIT Cleantech’s Climate KIC 1 programme. This accolade places them amongst some of the most promising companies working towards a greener future.

In a strategic move to further their reach and resources, the company has also set up its operations base at The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, known for its thriving ecosystem of like-minded green enterprises and researchers.

Collaboration remains at the heart of their strategy. The team is currently working hand in hand with experts from Edinburgh University. Together, they are refining their market model, supported by the Technology Validation Voucher scheme.

The future looks bright for this dynamic startup, and with their current trajectory, they are set to make significant strides in shaping a sustainable, carbon-reduced future for all.

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The Significant Milestone

The city’s renewable energy sector has another feather in its cap with a dynamic startup that has not only expanded its team to four dedicated professionals in 2018 but has also clinched numerous accolades and undertaken strategic collaborations.

The team marked a significant milestone by moving into the iconic Appleton Tower, a part of the University of Edinburgh. This move signifies not only their growth but also their commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

Evidently, their innovations didn’t go unnoticed. The startup secured its place not just on the prestigious Climate KIC 2 but also on the successive Climate KIC 3, affirming its position among the top cleantech disruptors in the region.

On the international front, the Scottish Enterprise recognized the startup’s potential and awarded them the coveted “Make it to Market” grant. This grant will serve as a stepping stone, aiding them in crafting an international vision for their groundbreaking technology.

Ensuring their technological edge remains sharp, the company underwent a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) landscape review. Collaborating with IP Audit+, they have positioned themselves ahead in the patent and IP curve, solidifying their technological stronghold.

Lastly, marking another feather in their cap, they emerged as winners of the BEIS Domestic DSR Competition grant. Partnering with Energy Systems Catapult, the startup is now set to refine its commercial strategy, leveraging the insights from a VOC market assessment.

All these achievements in a span of a year hint towards a promising future not just for the startup but also for the renewable energy landscape of Scotland and beyond.

A Year of Patents

The renewable energy landscape is ever-evolving, and one Edinburgh-based startup is ensuring it remains at the forefront. 2019 witnessed this burgeoning company, now powered by a team of five, making remarkable strides in both technological innovation and business growth.

The year kicked off with a bang as they clinched funding from the renowned Scottish EDGE competition, underscoring their potential in the cleantech sector.

In a major achievement, the startup showcased its inventive prowess by securing its maiden patent, GB 2596245, which has now been granted. But they didn’t stop there. Demonstrating a strategic vision, they acquired two additional domestic energy management patents, GB 2514128 and GB 2534553, further cementing their position in the energy domain.

The company’s commitment to excellence and quality was further underscored as they achieved the MCS certification, a pivotal move that has allowed them to commence installations of heat pumps, marking their foray into practical, tangible green solutions for households.

Further recognition of their growth trajectory and potential came when they were admitted to the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Pipeline. This inclusion hints at a bright future, as they are now amongst the enterprises expected to contribute significantly to Scotland’s economy.

Wrapping up their year of achievements, they successfully completed an R&D project focused on the design of a novel heat pump manifold, in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise. This innovation is poised to revolutionise domestic heating solutions.

2019 has indeed been a milestone year for this startup. With a blend of awards, patents, and project completions, they are set to shape the future of renewable energy in Scotland and beyond.

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Year Shines Bright

A local renewable energy startup continues its meteoric rise in the green tech sector, charting an impressive course through 2020. Now steered by a formidable team of six, the company is quickly becoming a household name in sustainable energy solutions.

The year commenced with a major sales milestone. Their innovative Hero systems were chosen for seven residences in picturesque North Devon, marking a significant commercial foray into the English market.

In a move highlighting their embrace of cutting-edge technology, the ‘Boxergy Cloud’, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), was launched. This platform is expected to offer unprecedented data analytics and system optimization capabilities to their user base.

The startup’s relentless pursuit of excellence was once again rewarded when they secured the SE PERF grant. But the accolades didn’t stop there. Among numerous contenders, the company clinched a coveted spot on Tech Nation’s flagship accelerator program, representing Scotland as one of only four chosen companies from the region.

Perhaps one of the most personal recognitions came when Hayden Wood, the renowned founder of Bulb, took a keen interest in their journey. He not only recognized their potential but also offered invaluable mentorship, sharing insights from his own successful entrepreneurial journey in the energy domain.

Capping off a year of both technological and commercial advancements, the company achieved MCS certification for Solar PV, further broadening their renewable energy offerings.

2020 has undeniably solidified this startup’s reputation as a leading innovator in the renewable sector, with a blend of technical advancements, market inroads, and industry recognitions. The green energy community eagerly anticipates their next moves.

The landmark

The city’s dynamic green energy sector has a rising star, and it’s shining brighter than ever in 2021. With an expanded team of seven enthusiastic professionals, this renewable energy startup has been making impressive strides, marking a year filled with accolades and pioneering initiatives.

Kicking off the year with a bang, the startup was the proud “Handpicked” winner, securing its place on the coveted MSIP Accelerator in Dundee. This win not only places them among the elite in the sector but also provides them with unique growth opportunities and resources.

Their commitment to sustainability and workforce development was lauded with the Scottish Enterprise Green Jobs Training grant. This grant underscores their dedication to fostering skills and expertise in the rapidly evolving green sector.

Adding another feather to their cap, they delved deeper into the realm of commercial solar PV installation, positioning themselves at the forefront of commercial renewable solutions.

Further strengthening their product line, the Scottish Enterprise awarded them the Green Jobs grant specifically for the development of their innovative Hero unit. This recognition will undoubtedly accelerate the startup’s journey in bringing efficient and sustainable energy solutions to the market.

In a nod to their expertise and industry standing, the University of Edinburgh chose them as an industry partner for the prestigious EPSRC DISPATCH project. This collaboration is set to foster research and practical advancements in the energy domain.

2021 has, without a doubt, been a landmark year for this startup. From grants to partnerships, their journey embodies the spirit of innovation and commitment to a sustainable future. The energy community watches with anticipation for their next groundbreaking steps.

A Year of Pioneering Projects

The capital’s green tech scene is abuzz with the remarkable advancements of a local renewable energy startup, which has experienced exponential growth and pioneering achievements in 2022. Now bolstered by a robust team of 16 professionals, this company has firmly entrenched itself as a leader in the renewable energy landscape.

The year began on a high note as the startup secured the prestigious Innovate UK Fast Start grant. This accolade recognises their innovative vision to explore the application of their Hero unit in cutting-edge District Heating schemes. With this grant, the company is poised to redefine communal heating solutions, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Not resting on their laurels, the team undertook a significant project in North Devon. Building on their previous Hero installations in the region, they seamlessly integrated Solar PV systems. This move not only enhances the efficiency of the Hero units but also stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to holistic renewable solutions.

2022 has, undeniably, been a watershed year for this startup. Doubling its staff strength and embarking on groundbreaking projects, the company is not just making headlines but also paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. The renewable energy sector eagerly awaits their next innovative strides.

Bigger Team, New Premises

2023 has seen the meteoric rise of a local green energy startup, now firmly etched as a key player in Edinburgh’s renewable landscape. Boasting a growing team of 27 professionals – and counting – this ambitious company is taking giant strides in revolutionizing sustainable energy solutions.

In a significant development, they have relocated to a sprawling 6,500 Sq Ft facility in Livingston. This move not only signifies their expansion but also reflects their commitment to providing top-notch services in the burgeoning field of green tech.

But the new premises isn’t the only thing creating a buzz. Capitalising on their expertise, the company has seen rapid growth in installing solar panels and heat pumps across the region. Their innovative solutions are now powering numerous homes and businesses, underscoring the demand and trust in their offerings.

In just a few months, 2023 has solidified this startup’s reputation as a leading innovator in renewable energy, with expansions, product launches, and their unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions. The green energy community and its patrons look forward to even more breakthroughs in the coming months.

Customer Service

In 2024, Boxergy stands at the forefront of energy solutions, not just as a provider but as a dedicated partner in enhancing customer experiences. At Boxergy, our commitment extends far beyond delivering energy solutions; it’s about crafting unparalleled experiences for our customers, placing their needs and satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

Customer service is not just a department at Boxergy; it’s a philosophy ingrained in our company culture. We understand that in an ever-evolving landscape, the true measure of success lies in the relationships we foster with our customers. That’s why we have redefined our approach to customer service, ensuring it surpasses mere satisfaction to deliver genuine delight.

From the moment a customer reaches out to us, whether it’s to inquire about our products or to seek assistance, they are met with a seamless and personalised experience. Our dedicated team of experts is not just there to resolve queries but to anticipate needs, providing proactive support every step of the way.

We’ve invested in cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes and empower our customers with greater control over their energy solutions. Through user-friendly interfaces and innovative tools, we aim to make interactions with Boxergy not just efficient but enjoyable.

Furthermore, we understand that each customer is unique, with distinct requirements and preferences. That’s why we tailor our services to meet individual needs, offering customised solutions that align perfectly with their goals and aspirations.

But our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop at transactions; it extends to building lasting relationships built on trust, transparency, and reliability. We listen attentively to feedback, constantly striving to improve and evolve to better serve our customers.

In 2024, at Boxergy, our dedication to providing the best customer experience isn’t just a promise; it’s a cornerstone of who we are. As we continue to innovate and lead in the energy sector, our customers can rest assured that they will always receive not just energy solutions, but an exceptional experience that exceeds their expectations.


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