Chris Collins

Renewables Consultant

Chris is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in the renewables sector, boasting over 13 years of dedicated experience in this field. His journey began with obtaining an HND in construction management, which laid the foundation for his subsequent career path. Initially focusing on estimating and surveying in both private and public sectors, Chris eventually transitioned into the renewable energy industry.

Throughout his career, Chris has collaborated with various stakeholders including fellow professionals, manufacturers, and homeowners/business owners on a diverse range of projects. This collaboration has not only cultivated strong working relationships but also enriched his knowledge in renewable energy technologies, the construction industry, and the private/public sectors.

In his current role, Chris holds responsibilities that encompass overseeing the design and installation of all renewable energy technologies for residential and commercial applications. His dedication to ensuring excellence in every aspect of his work is evident, as he takes great pride in delivering Boxergy installations to the highest standards, from concept to completion.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris is deeply passionate about advocating for the benefits of renewable energy technologies to homeowners nationwide. He is committed to addressing fuel poverty and actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions from homes and businesses.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys pursuing his hobbies, which include DJ’ing and dance music production, showcasing his creativity and love for music. Additionally, he finds thrill in engaging in adventurous activities like skydiving and abseiling, reflecting his adventurous spirit and zest for life.

Chris Collins
4F Grange Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate, EH54 5DE, Livingston
07355 091 964
0131 574 7525
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