Courtney MacLeod

Inbound Sales

Courtney stands at the helm of inbound Sales at Boxergy, bringing a dynamic blend of expertise and passion to her role. Since joining the Boxergy team in January 2023, she has seamlessly woven herself into the fabric of the company, revolutionizing processes to optimize productivity and cultivate a seamless customer experience. Serving as the very voice of Boxergy, Courtney assumes a fundamental role in guiding customers through the initial stages of their Boxergy journey. Her attention to detail ensures that every customer encounter is marked by the highest standards of service excellence.

Beyond the initial touchpoints, Courtney’s responsibilities extend to the orchestration of annual servicing bookings, guaranteeing that customers are equipped with everything they need for a seamless experience. Her expert email and phone management skills play a crucial role in connecting customers with the right resources, ensuring their inquiries are met with prompt and accurate responses. Her proficiency in British Sign Language underscores her commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, further enhancing the Boxergy experience for all.

Outside the professional setting, Courtney finds joy in walks with her three dogs and boyfriend.

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Courtney MacLeod
Unit 4F Grange Road, Houston Industrial Estate, EH54 5DE, Livingston
0131 574 7525
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