Daniel Mitchell

Customer Service Administrator

Daniel brings over 15 years of invaluable customer service experience to his role as the Customer Service Administrator at Boxergy. With a rich background in handling customer interactions, he is skilled at ensuring a seamless and positive experience throughout the entire journey, from the initial deposit payment to the final installation. Daniel’s extensive expertise allows him to address customer inquiries and concerns with empathy and efficiency, creating a strong foundation of trust and satisfaction.

Within Boxergy, Daniel takes charge of crucial tasks that are integral to the smooth operation of the company. He expertly manages the completion of Distribution Network Operator (DNO) applications, a central step in the process of bringing sustainable energy solutions to clients. Additionally, Daniel is responsible for scheduling and coordinating installations, ensuring that they are executed promptly and with precision. His meticulous attention to detail extends to final paperwork, where he oversees the generation of essential documents such as MCS certificates and commissioning forms, providing clients with the necessary assurances of quality and compliance.

In addition to his administrative ability, Daniel also plays a key role in formulating heat pump quotes. This demonstrates his ability to understand and articulate the technical aspects of Boxergy’s offerings, further enhancing the transparency and trust that clients have come to associate with the company.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys relaxing and eating chocolate.

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