Femi Sadugba

Electrical Engineer

Femi is an experienced electrical engineer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field. Holding an HND in Electrical Engineering, he has demonstrated exceptional ability in both theoretical and practical aspects of electrical systems. Femi’s commitment to professional development is evident in his certifications, including the prestigious Project Management Professional (PMP) credential, showcasing his ability to lead and manage complex projects with precision.

With his ISO 50001:2018 certification as a lead auditor from the Global Association for Quality Management, Femi exhibits a deep understanding of energy management systems, reinforcing his dedication to sustainable practices. His proficiency is further underscored by his recognition with LCL Awards Level 3, attesting to his high level of competence in the electrical engineering domain. Femi’s in-depth knowledge of the requirements for electrical installations, as per BS7671:2018 603/3132/X, reflects his meticulous approach to ensuring safety and compliance in all his projects.

As a distinguished member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET), Femi is part of a prestigious community of professionals dedicated to advancing the field of electrical engineering. At Boxergy, Femi plays a critical role in overseeing the design of domestic and commercial PV/battery systems, demonstrating his proficiency in harnessing renewable energy solutions. His keen eye for detail is evident in his role in selecting the most suitable equipment and products for PV storage installations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Femi’s responsibilities extend to conducting thorough Solar PV site inspections, guaranteeing the seamless integration of these systems into the existing infrastructure. His role also encompasses the critical task of electrical designs for PV and battery systems, where his expertise is instrumental in creating efficient and reliable solutions. With his comprehensive skillset, Femi continues to be an invaluable asset to the Boxergy team, driving innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

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Femi Sadugba
Unit 4F Grange Road, Houston Industrial Estate, EH54 5DE, Livingston
0131 574 7525
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