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Jim Laidlaw’s professional journey is a tale of transformation—from two decades in the oilfield, mainly with Schlumberger to becoming the founder of Scotland’s fastest-growing renewables installer, Boxergy. His career arc is a blueprint for the change we must all make to renewable energy.

After gaining extensive experience and insights in the traditional energy sector at Schlumberger, Jim pivoted toward entrepreneurship. He launched a series of Oil & Gas businesses in the UK, honing his skills in operations and strategy. However, a move to Edinburgh in 2014 marked a turning point; he had time to think about the future and what he wanted to achieve, he settled on renewable energy.

Taking his newfound passion to heart, he installed solar panels at his home and started driving an electric car. Further expanding his sustainable lifestyle, Jim also integrated a battery storage system and a heat pump, smartly pairing them with a time-of-use tariff to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

In 2017, motivated by personal revelations and the urgency of climate change, Jim founded Boxergy with a clear and compelling mission: to make renewable energy affordable for all and significantly reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. Under his visionary leadership, the company has grown exponentially, offering customized solutions that integrate various forms of renewable technology.

Through Boxergy, he has not only found a way to democratise access to renewable energy but has also found a way to make a substantive contribution to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

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James Laidlaw
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