Richard Tronis

Renewable Energy Consultant

Key to my professional portfolio is the role of a Renewable Energy Consultant, where I have overseen the implication of renewable energy systems across Scotland. This endeavor is about contributing significantly to carbon emissions reduction and fostering a seamless transition to sustainable energy resources. In addition, the financial benefits become substantial when done by well-informed decisions. This involves strategically diversifying product offerings, coupled with a client-centric approach.

My technical expertise extends to advanced tools for energy modeling and simulation, ensuring accuracy in system design. I am well-versed in smart grid technologies, integration of innovative solutions for enhanced reliability within renewable energy systems.
I collaborate with governmental agencies, ensuring seamless coordination and compliance with various incentives and subsidies, thereby resulting in significant cost savings for clients and increased project profitability.

In a world teetering on the edge of the Renewable Energy Revolution, I am not just an observer; I am a dedicated participant, leveraging my skills and knowledge to contribute to a future where sustainability is not a choice but a necessity. We start to see that with new build homes incorporating Solar and Heat Pumps as standard features, not mere alternatives.

I am excited to be part of Renewable Energy Revolution, working towards a future where sustainability isn’t just a goal— it’s a way of life.

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Richard Tronis
4F Grange Road, Houstoun Industrial Estate, EH54 5DE, Livingston
0131 574 7525
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