Rosie Reid

Operations Manager

Rosie is our Operations Manager at Boxergy, and she is an integral part of the business. With an extensive career spanning over almost three decades, Rosie brings a wealth of experience in operations management to her role. Her journey in the field began with the establishment and management of her own family business, where she honed her skills in overseeing day-to-day operations and optimising workflow processes.

Having transitioned into the renewable energy industry over a decade ago, Rosie has become a driving force behind Boxergy’s operational excellence. Her proficiency in coordinating with both internal and external stakeholders has been instrumental in ensuring a seamless and gratifying customer experience. Rosie is known for her adeptness at identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to enhance departmental efficiency, a quality that has significantly contributed to Boxergy’s continued success in moving forward the excellent work done by renewable energy market.

Since first joining Boxergy in 2022 as Administrator, Rosie has competently navigated through various positions within the organization, affording her a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the business.

With her hands-on approach and strategic mindset, Rosie plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations at Boxergy. Her deep understanding of the industry and its unique challenges allows her to navigate complexities with ease, ensuring that every aspect of the company’s operations aligns with its mission for sustainability and innovation. Her visionary leadership continues to drive the company towards new heights of success, reinforcing Boxergy’s commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions for a greener future.

At weekends, Rosie enjoys winding down with strolls along local beaches while her husband enjoys time on the golf course. She enjoys relaxing with a latte and spending time with her two girls, playing board games and beating them at card games.

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Rosie Reid
Unit 4F Grange Road, Houston Industrial Estate, EH54 5DE, Livingston
0131 574 7525
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